Walkin’ through this city, with a million souls 
Some sleepin’ in mansions, some sleepin’ down in holes 
Some got a mind to ramble & roam, some just keep rollin’ that stone 
All your accomplishments, they ain’t worth a dime 
Mother Nature gonna lay you down in defeat every single time 
So throw your confetti, blow on your tin horn 
Sweat it out at night, sweat it out on a hot summer's morn 
You won’t recall the tune, in the cold dust of your tomb 
They don’t give you fair warning, no road map for your soul 
They don’t give no reasons when it’s time to go 

I’m standing at the station, just lookin’ at the time 
Waitin’ on the southbound train, due at about quarter past nine 
Somewhere behind the smokin’ steel, somewhere where the tainted waters flow 
Carried in the voices reaching out for the heart of the world 
Carried on the edge of the blade that’s cutting off all your curls 
My heart is still breakin’ from so long ago 
You carry the secrets with you about why it was time to go 

I keep prayin’ for the sun to rise 
In the middle of the night 
Dreams of you keep comin’ to me 
And I can’t help but wonder where you are tonight 

Self be your lantern, self be your guide 
Set the dial on the radio and listen for the risin' tide 
Come to me and reconcile and love me for a little while 
Love me once again until it's real, love me ‘til there’s nothin’ left to feel 
I can hear the hollers, I can hear the moans 
I shoulda known it back then – that it was time to go 

Last night I thought I saw someone disappear around a corner 
Thought I’d seen some shadows no one should ever see 
Thought I saw it left in the gutter down at the borderline 
Thought I saw it all before you went and left me behind 
Bring you to a nameless isle, lay your ship in the bay for awhile 
Bring along a compass and an oar to row 
When the water rises high enough, that's when you’ll know its time to go 

Broken hearts shattered in the streets 
Crushed as easy as alabaster stones 
I know we ain’t gonna make it walkin’ 
But only you know how far we got to go 

I’m sittin’ on the sidelines, givin’ up on another new start 
Watchin’ this wretched world find new ways to tear itself apart 
There’s order in the graveyard, fall into line in the row of stones 
Time’s pilin’ up, and it’s drainin’ out my days 
And I can’t help but feel we had a lot more to say 
If I ever get back what I thought I’ve known 
I’ll pay it a little more mind of when its time to go

Copyright c.2022 SOCAN 


"Manifests" (2022)