Yesterday was another one of them
Blue an’ down days  
You can go on and cry your heart out, honey  
Tomorrow just gonna be the same ol’ way  

I’m going steppin’ around tonight  
I’m wearing some finely pressed clothes  
But I’m down to my last few cents  
I ain’t got any time for your bourgeois dog and pony show 

Bring along a smooth mickey
An' I got a case of gin 
Oh, I’m such a filthy mess mama 
You don’t even want to know where I’ve been 

She shakes her stuff 
Yeah, she shakes it right off of the shelf 
She's shakin' it for me 
She don’t shake it for nobody else 

Well, you knock me when I’m up 
An' you kick me when I’m down 
Tellin’ ya, you’re gonna hurt your foot sweetheart 
The way you’re always kickin' me around 

Take this port 
And have a swig of this shine 
Tonight me and you, we're getting’ drunk, honey 
We're gonna have one big ol’ wompin’ good time 

I came in last night 
I was so tired an' bush whacked 
I brought along my hammer 
So I could hit the sack
You say you’re callin’ up your cousin 
They got him locked up in the county jail - again
He says he likes stoppin' in there
Says that stripes make him look so debonair

If you think you like her cashmere sweater 
And her buckle up shoes 
Ask me a little later 
How she'll smoke your cigar too

I had my basket all ready 
For peaches pickin’ time 
But old man Jack Frost 
He went and done killed your vine
Well your slow horse ain’t winnin’ no races 
So if you wanna make him fast 
I got one little tip for ya 
Make sure you feed him last 

Liquor, powder, pills
And a whole lot of cheap red wine 
Yeah, that high water is still rollin’ 
Poor ol’ Charley way down the line

Copyright c.2022 SOCAN


"Manifests" (2022)