Hard travelin’,  
It sure is a long road behind
I can only hope
That my clock don’t run outta time
I was born next of kin
Next of kin to the wayward wind
I'm rollin’ on

Steppin’ on the freight train
Where it's headed I just can’t say
I can see the smoke risin' in the sky
I see it clearer when I close my eyes
I’ll go anywhere
Just as long as I’m leavin’ when I get there
Just keep rollin’ on     

Batter on the banjo,
Sob on your winding saxophone     
Don’t let anyone tell you the key
It’s your wagon
Let it roll

She can play you songs
You only heard in your dreams
Yeah, she sings so softly
Like a whisper right to me
But you ain’t heard nothin’ ‘till
She sings in a minor key
She knows about rollin’ on

Heat up the skillet
Pour on that garlic and olive oil
We’ll lean right into the grease
And fatten up the ribs on drippin’ jelly roll
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
A red headed woman just won’t bust
Rollin' on

I bought my gal a cherry cola
Thought I’d be winding up her victrola     
She said “you're just remindin' me
That all this life's gonna kill ya.”

Rollin’ on
Like a high wind in the piney tree tops
She’s like a prairie flower
She's growin’ wilder by the hour
I been beaten up, battered ‘round
I been doggone’d an’ pushed ‘round
Still rollin’ on

Copyright c.2022 SOCAN


single release (July 1, 2022)
from "Manifests" (2022)