I'm goin' away now, baby
Even iffin' I have to crawl
Goin' away now, baby
Just like a leaf bound to fall

'Cause I'm gone
Real gone
Yeah, I'm gone
Real gone

Leavin' in the mornin'
Even iffin' I have to ride the blinds
It's either that or you're gonna find me
Floatin' by the riverside

And I'll be gone
Real gone
I'll be long gone
Real gone

I'll tell you one thing, baby
Tell you some natural facts
Once these boots hit the highway
They don't come walkin' back

'Cause I'll be gone
Real gone
You ain't wrong
Real gone

One night you'll be talkin' in your sleep
Speakin' out your true confessions
And I'll just be a dream you had once
Ain't gonna be no one there to listen

Before the dawn
Real gone
So long
I'm real gone

Ain't no use in cryin'
Mama, don't you weep for me
'Cause by the time those tears hit the ground
I'll be gone like a cool breeze

And mama that's gone
Real gone
Just as sure as you are born
Real gone

Copyright c.2022 SOCAN


single release (August 5, 2022)
from "Manifests" (2022)