"Hey there, my little Timmy 
Won’t you stay all night with me? 
I got satin sheets made of the very best 
An’ I’ll show you what I mean 
I’ll show you exactly
What I mean." 

"I cannot go, I’m not yours no more 
I got other plans, you see 
There’s this gal at the old hotel 
Drinkin’ and waitin’ for me 
She’s waitin’ there 
Just for me." 

"Yeah, I know who she is, she’s no friend of mine 
An’ I’ll be damned if you make a new start!" 
She said as she pulled a pen knife from her hip 
An’ pierced him in the heart 
She pierced him 
Right in the heart 

She called up her little baby sis 
"Get down here right away 
There’s a dead man layin’ in my bed 
Ask no questions of how he got this way 
Ask no questions 
Of how he got this way."
"Take a deep breath, my little baby sis 
And on the count of three 
We'll load him up in the middle of the night 
And head out for the county 
And head out 
For the county."
Car wheels turnin’ on the gravel road 
Just enough moonlight to see 
"Are those dogs barkin’ in the distance 
Or hellhounds after me? 
Or are the hellhounds 
Already after me?"
She took him by the blood stained hand 
Little sis took him by the feet 
An’ threw him down an abandoned well 
Some forty feet deep 
Some forty feet

"Maybe one day your lady friend 
Will come and drink from this well 
Poisoned with your rotten remains 
And she can join you in hell 
And you can have that drink 
For all eternity."
Later in the morning light while resting under a tree 
A little bird flew down from the branch above 
And rested on her knee 
"You sweet little bird, 
I got a cage for you 
Filled with your favorite seed."
"I won’t go, I’ll fly away, no - you’ll never cage me! 
I’m afraid that you’ll cut me down 
Just like you cut your poor little Timmy 
Like you cut your 
Little Timmy."
"I wish I had a bending bow 
And the arrow and the string 
I’d shoot that dart straight into your heart 
So no pretty bird could sing 
So no pretty bird 
could ever sing."
"Stop your cryin' my little baby sis 
Why do you look at me so strange? 
I'm washing my hands to get off these stains 
What do you mean, you can’t see? 
The sink is running red 
My eyes - they don’t fool me."

"Drop me off back at home 
But one more thing before you leave 
What’s done is done, no mention of this again 
But if you talk, you better believe 
Kin or not, I’ll cut you down 
Just like my little Timmy."
Later on that night with shadows 
of empty branches bouncin’ on the wall 
The little bird landed and said 
"I’ll be here every night to sing this melody 
While you're tryin' to sleep about how you cut your
Little Timmy.
Of how you cut down
Your little Timmy."

 Copyright c.2022 SOCAN


"Manifests" (2022)