Walkin' dead end streets all alone at night 
I know what you did and what you are and it just ain’t right 
But as I walk along puffin' on this cheap cigar 
I’d give anything just to be where you are 

I went blind the moment you walked away 
Darkness slowly shrouded my eyes and dimmed the light of day 
I’d like to think that one day I’ll see your face again 
Come and bring some eyesight to the blind 

Who you tryin' to kid? You can try but you just can’t keep it hid 
I sincerely hope you’re at least you are foolin' yourself 
'Cause you sure ain’t convincing nobody else 
And I’m not sure who I can’t stand more - you or myself 

I can see your eyes but I can no longer reach you 
The silence of the night where old ghosts meet 
I can see you walkin' down that garden path now 
But the light of the mornin' sun burns away the dew 

I heard the pounding of the gavel and I saw the swinging of the hammer 
I felt the nails stabbin' in 
I knew right then and there that all the scales were broken 
I saw the torches light the pyre and I burned 

If you hold onto a vision long enough 
It’ll become a nightmare no matter how pleasant the dream 
I couldn’t afford to pay the price to the pawnbroker 
For the memories you left with him of me 

I hope someone tells you before you die 
Lord, don’t you be so wise 
Tell me where did you stay last night? 
'Cause you’re coming in with the sun burnin' up your eyes 

Leavin' tonight on the evening train 
Blowin' me a kiss from the coach window 
A reminder of what I don’t and what you definitely do know 
That I played with fire and I got burned 

I got a dime for the jukebox
But only a nickel for your heart 
Can you flip me a quarter, even if it's out of pure pity, honey dear? 
So I can flag a ride and go off and make an all new start 

You think you’re so woke and you’re spreadin' the news 
I got one little tip to add balance to your views 
There’s really only one thing that ya gotta understand 
As long as you’re walking this earth there ain’t no righteous man 

You may wonder how your head ended up in a noose 
They told you all about the golden rule 
They didn’t tell you the awful hard truth 
That those who got the gold make those rules 

Your head says one thing but your whole life says another 
And out there in the dark your head will always suffer and you lose 
I’ve been looking for you all night 
And I ain’t got any time left to play those blues 

Tell me once again about Cain and Abel 
And are you playing with all your cards upon the table 
What’s a tough guy, anyways? Well, a tough guy’s got an edge 
What makes him better than me is something up inside of his head 

Comes a change of weather, comes a change of heart 
Comes a chance at an all new start 
I can never make my mind up about anything at all 
Until it’s over and done with and I gotta crawl 

Thinking of all my mistakes and all of my regrets 
And Lord knows that I’ve made more than a few 
I’ll tell you one thing that doesn’t rank amongst them 
Is the time that I spent here with you

Copyright c.2022 SOCAN


"Manifests" (2022)